We play a critical role in the design and construction of Net Zero Engineering, LEED® certified buildings, ENERGY STAR buildings and other sustainable buildings to ensure that the projects meet owner and occupant expectations.


We incorporate energy reduction strategies for the mechanical systems for all types of buildings. Recognizing that mechanical systems are critical to both energy efficiency and occupant comfort, we achieve owner objects with strategies including:

  • - Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • - Plumbing and stormwater management
  • - Indoor air quality and outside air replensihment
  • - Geothermal space and water heating
  • - Process piping and equipment
  • - Commissioning

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design in building construction is the use of techniques will resulting in a building, over its lifetime, will be a "net producer" of energy, clean water and air, and promote a healthy environment.  The goal of a sustainable design is to provide a buildings that consume less energy, offer a healthier environment, and increased worker satisfaction without costing more to build or operate.  

Our capabilities

We offer a comprehensive Compliance Package that includes additional consulting services to support our clients' specific sustainability goals and requirements.  These services can be individually selected by our clients and may include: Commissioning, Energy Modeling and Analysis, Measurement & Verification, LEED Certification Consulting.